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A Blue Room Fit for a Teen

teen girls room1_porter

Sometimes I wish I were a teenager again. Well, only some days…and only if I could take my adult mind with me. Since that will never happen, the next best thing is when I get to hang out with a super-cool teen who loves color. In this case, I had the pleasure of working with […] Read more…

Combining Colors: Lemon Yellow and Blue

yellow door2

Yellow and blue are among two of my favorite colors to combine. In general, complementary colors make very attractive spaces because of the contrast you get from using warm and cool colors together. The trick lies in using the right amount of each color. So, unless you’re going for a look that is super dramatic, […] Read more…

How to choose the perfect blue

kporter_blue room

Blue is an insanely popular color and I believe that’s what makes choosing the ‘perfect’ blue so hard. As a color consultant, I’ve helped many clients choose all kinds of blues over the years and I’ve come to a conclusion:  We see so much blue around us everyday — the sky, the ocean, our denim […] Read more…